We help organisations empower their leaders and leadership teams to be their best. Through one-on-one sessions and group trainings, Coaching Professionals Group will provide the right tools for success.

Coaching for Workplace Performance

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Investing in your leadership team has proven to significantly increase leadership confidence, self- awareness, higher levels of productivity, better performance and happier employees. We provide a structured environment that facilitates growth in leaders.

When organisations invest in their leaders, the whole culture can improve to enhance the efficacy and unity within the organisation as a whole.

Our programs are delivered in multiple fortnightly or monthly sessions and are conducted face to face or via zoom video conferencing.

Build Stronger Leaders and Improve Team Morale

As your business evolves so should your leadership skills. Encouraging growth and helping leaders stay motivated is easier than you may think. Our professional staff of leadership & executive coaches understand the day to day challenges leaders face - we’ve been there. We will help you work through areas that hold you back and find solutions that allow you to succeed.

Helping You Identify Changes Needed To Lead Effectively

Coaching is about promoting positive growth through habit and behaviour changes. Engaging an external coach gives an individual the freedom and safety to identify weaknesses and seek support using a strategic and focused approach. Having a coach forces the person to step out of an operational head space and think more broadly, allowing new perspectives, clarity and renewed focus.

As qualified coaches, we are facilitators, confidants and mentors. We support, challenge and empower you to become the leader that you want to be.

Creating People Focussed Leaders

Leader as Coach Program

Our Leader as Coach Program trains leaders within your organisation to become internal coaches. The program is designed to ensure sustainability of learning. We combine individual coaching sessions with 2 group workshops.

Our one-day group coach training program brings your leadership team together to learn a people-centred approach to leadership and heightens self-awareness in all participants about “who they bring” to their roles. Your team will understand the principals and skills required to lead well and empower others to be confident, accountable and take ownership of their roles. Participants leave feeling inspired and confident to implement coaching into their leadership style.

Having the individual sessions continues to support the participant to embed the learning and become an effective leader and internal coach. Once the organisation has a pool of internal coaches, they can continue to use them to support future training initiatives across the organisation to create sustainable learning outcomes.

We also implement an effective assessment tool known as Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI). Our certified coaches use this tool to not only provide valuable feedback but to contribute a framework for leaders to incorporate emotional intelligence into their leadership style.

The program finishes with a presentation to Senior Management on coaching outcomes. This presentation workshop further challenges the participants to step outside their comfort zones. It creates accountability and commitment to the program. 

Leader as Coach in a nutshell:

  • 6 x 1.5 Hour Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Pre and Post Coaching Surveys
  • 1 Full Day Group Coach Training Workshop
  • Coach Buddy Support 
  • Presentations to Senior Management
  • 6 Month Refresher Workshop

Team and Group Coaching

Given the complexity and competitiveness of business today, organisations are looking to maximise the performance and effectiveness of their teams, to drive outcomes and build team dynamics. As a result, Team Coaching is an emerging strategy in which coaches can be instrumental in helping organisations build high-performing teams. 

Do you have a harmonious high performing team - one that identifies as a team and takes personal responsibility for who they bring to the team? Team Coaching is a structured environment,very experiential and practical with solid theories and concepts that set a great foundation for the team to connect, build trust, create a shared vision and self-reflect on their individual contribution.

Team Coaching improves team performance, engagement, accountability, productivity and retention in any given organisation.

Sue is a qualified team and group coach and tailors the approach to these initiatives to suit the unique needs of your team or group.

Team Coaching Series

3 to 6 x 3-hour workshops each fortnight/ month (depending on the needs of the team)

Example of content

  • Connection & Trust
  • Team Agreements & Charter
  • Attributes of a High Performing Team
  • Purpose and Vision 
  • Accountability & Action Plans
  • Acknowledgement

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