Building Stronger Leaders

Coaching Professionals has built a reputation for establishing long term,trusted relationships with organisations partnering with them to build effective and confident people focussed leaders.

We have developed powerful and outcome based coaching programs, both individual and group settings to sharpen your leadership style and effectiveness.

Coaching facilitates deeper clarity, perspective,focus and direction. We provide a structure environment to achieve your identified focus areas. Coaching is a supportive but challenging process that produces significant,sustainable change in leadership habits, beliefs and behaviours.

Leadership can feel lonely. Executive coaching is a great resource for those at the top. Through an ongoing relationship, we can help you see the obstacles that may be holding you back from unleashing your full potential. Our goal is to support and challenge people to grow into confident and capable leaders, enhancing existing leadership styles by leveraging off an individual's strengths, increasing emotional intelligence and working through pressure points.

Our Coaches

Coaching Professionals provide undivided support to organisations and their leadership team within Australia and abroad. 

Together, we build stronger leaders in the business world. 

Sue Montgomery

Sue Montgomery is the Principal of Coaching Professionals, established in 2010 Sue has experienced continued growth over this time, expanding her team of coaches now based in Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland.We enjoy long-term relationships with local and state government, engineering and construction consultancy firms and financial institutions. 

Sue is currently applying for accreditation with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach and is a qualified team coach and highly experienced coach trainer and facilitator. Sue is an active member of the coaching community and a continual learner of her craft.

Sue is also part of the Coaching Australia team of coach trainers delivering their Executive Coach Certification Program internationally to multinational companies such as AIA, IBM, Microsoft, Coke Cola and Logitech.

In 2015 Sue was invited to participate in a global PhD study conducted through the University of Newcastle on "The effects coaching has on leaders". Two of her major clients took part in this research sending through 100 leaders to be surveyed, measuring the outcomes that coaching achieved exceeding the expectations of the University.

Sue offers clients real-world experience with over 25 years in the corporate arena. She held management roles in the banking and telecommunication sector before becoming a professional leadership coach. 

Her philosophy is to partner with leaders to work through issues by providing ongoing support and facilitating the decision-making process. Her guidance allows leaders to discover their core values and work to their strengths to achieve success. She brings humility, integrity, professionalism, high-quality coaching skills and energy to her coaching..

Carli Underwood

Carli holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from the University of Newcastle. Specialising in the field of Health Psychology, focusing on the connection between mental & physical health. 

Carli is also a qualified professional coach, having trained with Coach Global, who are aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Carli focuses on combining the power of coaching with her psychology background empowering people to achieve significant growth from the coaching outcomes. If mental health issues, anxiety, self- doubt, depression get in the way of courageous and confident leadership, Carli will partner with you to move forward. Believing that mental & physical health cannot be separated, so we must treat them as one. 

'I don't even talk about it (depression) as a psychiatric condition does involve psychology, but it also involves equal parts biology & physical health.' -George Slavich

Belinda Thomas

Belinda is a talented coach – lifting not only business leaders but athletes as well. Both require a high level of focus, goal setting, confidence and resilience to achieve peak performance and results. She understands the desire to want to be better and the feeling of not knowing how to make it happen. Her philosophy is to facilitate creativity, clarity, and develop a recipe for her client’s success personally and professionally.

Belinda has walked the walk. As a two-time competitor in the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Champs held in England, she knows what stress feels like as a member of a team representing her country. She understands that the mind and body can fight against each other and start to shut down. 

Her training with the NeuroLeadership Institute provides a scientific approach to her coaching techniques. Recent research in neuroscience is uncovering the way leaders perform and use data – to create positive change and improve effective leadership. 

Belinda has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Canterbury - Christchurch, New Zealand. She is also an Associate Certified Coach and a SEI 1-1 EQ Assessor.  As if that wasn't enough, Belinda is a certified as a Team Coach by Coach MBA-MAP.

Her passion for helping others excel has pushed her to further her expertise at the NeuroLeadership Institute in Sydney. There she achieved advanced training in 'Brain-Based Coaching' and 'Results Coaching Systems'.

Tracey Spindler

Tracey is an ICF trained coach completing her Executive Coaching Certification Program through Coaching Australia. Tracey is currently working with leaders of organisations bringing her natural coaching approach, training and 18 years’ experience with NSW Fire & Rescue, holding the highest rank held by a female in Fire & Rescue NSW, along with only 2 other women. 

As part of her leadership role, Tracey is responsible for developing, mentoring and coaching colleagues within her organisation, and has now expanded to operating as an external coach through Coaching Professionals. She is passionate about her work and the contributions she makes as a coach and trainer to individuals and their teams. 

Tracey’s sporting background includes representing Australia at 2 World Championships in triathlon. Her success both professionally and as an athlete has created her vision to empower and inspire others by assisting them through a coaching partnership. The aim, to improve their thinking for optimal outcomes in their work performance, interpersonal relationships and their goal achievements.

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Coaching Professionals have been actively involved in a global study being conducted out of the University of Newcastle. The PhD research investigating The effects Coaching has on Leaders. The PhD candidate speaks here about the study and our involvement.
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